Gym Bags

Gym Bags

Fatale Jiu-Jitsu™ Cherry Blossom Gym Bags

A gym bag takes a lot of abuse from the user in the form of various activities like you toss it in a truck, keep it in the back seat of the car, shove in the locker, or you can throw it in the corner of the room.

Cherry Blossom Gym Bags is just meant for that. It is highly durable and made up of 100% polyester. It is a multipurpose bag that has loads of value and is available in three sizes i.e. small, medium, and large so you can select according to your need.

Its advanced features are: -

• Easily accessible shoe tunnel

• The shoulder strap is padded and adjustable

• Light in weight

• Dual top handle

• Two exteriors and one interior pocket

• Can be used for a variety of purposes

• The main compartment is extra roomy
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